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[AU] Damon & Dean - Brothers (||Collab with skoobie79||)

Просмотры: 1 Добавил: Lisa Lea_Salvatore 
Описание материала:

Storyline: Dean and Damon are brothers, and hunters. One day, they start a vampires hunt, and Damon got beat up and turned by a vampire when dean is not around.
Dean doesnt know at beginning, and then he find out, they fight, argue, try to talk but they just cant find a way to fix things.
Dean wanna help him out, but Damon prefer to walk away...
For now...

Part 2 will come, if you want people, so, go click on "like" !! biggrin
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Язык: Русский
Автор: Maessica
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Елена: Допустим, я из рода Кетрин. Тогда я частично вампир?

Деймон: Нет. Вампиры не могут производить потомство. Но нам нравится пытаться. (S1E11)

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