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shelter | damon salvatore

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» ...I'm not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world... «


ok, so where do i start?
damon salvatore is that one character that you only have in your life once.
he's MY character, he's my favorite male and person in the whole "fandom" world. he suffered, he cried, he's always the one in pain and he's always judged. his dad never loved him, the girl he was in love for more than a century never cared about him, and than comes elena and she chooses stefan, over and over again, and when he finally thinks he got the girl, everyone makes him believe that it's just the sire bond, he saves people, he cares about them, he tries so hard to be accepted.
making this video made me realize how much I love him, made me actually cared about him even more that I thought possible! and made me dislike stefan even more: I never hated stefan before but when i was researching for scenes I realized how screwed up he is and how he always plays the victim and make damon being the "bad guy" in his life. gosh, it makes me so angry... If you are a fan of him, don't get insulted, it's just my opinion and believe me, I always respect others people opinion or I would already had killed a lot of people because of comments related to stelena vs delena and stefan vs damon.
but the truth is that it's a constant in the show: make damon suffer. And he always find a way to survive.
this is just a little tribute I wanted to make for him, I hope you like it and I hope it makes you see how HE IS, in fact, a good man, if you ever doubt about it.

This is a little b-day gift too, that I made to myself because my b-day is tuesday (15) and I loved the result :')

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