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Stefan & Damon | Lost without you.

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I realized that I love defan more than I thought. The bond they share can not be described. I personally think that none of them loves Elena as much as they love each other. Stefan was completely lost without his big bro and that hug he gave him was E-P-I-C. Every single emotion in one hug. ♥ This video is more from point of Stefan and I can say that I'm quite proud of it, especially bc it was 1 am when i decided to make the end as a recap of their jorney (guess i just don't need to sleep at all haha). Anyway I know that a lots of you wanted from me to vid defan ever since my last vid but I just didn't get to vid them with my total concentration until now. So consider this as my Happy New Year gift for all of you ♥ This year I got more than 17k subbers which is unbeliebavle. I'd like to thank you for all your support and let's hope for more years like this together smile ♥ Wish you all the best and Happy new year ♥ x

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Автор: KristinaOrtutova
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Цитаты Деймона

Деймон (прокрадываясь в спальню брата, где тот спит с Еленой): Проснись и пой, сони!

Елена: Деймон! Что ты делаешь?

Стефан: Проваливай отсюда.

Деймон: Ой, да ладно хватит изображать из себя недотрог. Если я увижу что-то, чего еще не видел, плачу доллар.(S1E13)

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